Day 1: Thursday 27th April 2017

First tablets today : 8mg Progynova. 4 tablets every evening for 18 days. Getting a bit scared by all the numbers so I’m using a phone calendar reminder to help. It suddenly seems a bit more real and I realise I should have made more notes when talking to the nurses.

Reading through the drug leaflet out loud to OH firstly, to get all the information, secondly, to make them feel sorry for me and appreciate what I’m going through. I’m not too proud to play on it for extra hugs and tea. I’m the martyr to the cause here. Obviously I think I’m going to have all the side effects and have a mini panic. 

Progynova is really HRT, we are stopping my body producing eggs. I’m going to be like my menopausal mum. Hot flushes at inappropriate times and some stray hairs on my face. 

At least it feels like I’m doing something, I’m working towards solving the problem. Even if it doesn’t work at least I tried.


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