Day 2 : Friday 28th April

I slept well, no night sweats as the leaflet described. I didn’t wake up to a bearded lady staring back from the mirror. It feels like I have a bit of a hangover.

At work I felt a bit dizzy. I let some people know what was going on, mainly so they can watch out for me. I’m the kind of person to power through if something is getting a bit much and I sometimes need someone to tell me to stop.

Had some cramping which seemed to (apologies!) reach around to my anus! Crampy anus! That wasn’t on the leaflet! Also very difficult to do anything about in front of a class.

Had a cry in the evening because I couldn’t have a Gin and tonic. We ordered Chinese to make up for it.

Then I signed up to a blog on Facebook and reading through felt very guilty and overwhelmed. These women are on smoothie diets, exercising regularly and know all the acronyms I don’t. I’ve only just got into OH for “Other Half”. A phrase I hate because it makes us seem like incomplete people. We are both complete, wonderful people in our own rights thank you very much. I’m incredibly underprepared! I should have done more research. I guess I never thought it would happen, there were so many delays. We’ve been trying for 4 years.

Cried again because I felt guilty about eating Chinese food and because other people are doing IVF way better than me. OH is very supportive though so I felt a bit stronger after some hugs and reassurance.


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