Day 5 : Monday 1st May

Bank Holiday Monday, May Day. Someone posted Happy Beltane on FB so I look this all up. Long story short, we cut a bit of hawthorn from the forest to decorate our living room because it encourages fertility. Apparently you can only have hawthorn in your house on May Day otherwise it is incredibly unlucky (like, causing death unlucky). 

I’m very achy, especially my back. A bath sorted this out and was very stress free. Listened to Radio 4 Friday Night Comedy Podcast. Which cheered me up immensely. 

Someone on the forum asked “what smoothies is everyone drinking?” Which made me buy an IVF diet book because I’m obviously not IVFing right. Thought I’d better have a smoothie then and there to catch up with the other IVFers. I Didn’t have all the ingredients for the ones they were suggesting so I adapted. Luckily OH is a fitness freak so got a bit excited when I said I should be drinking smoothies and practically ran for the nutrabullet.

I had Coconut milk, kale, satsuma as I had no oranges, spinach, chia seeds and it looked a bit brown but tasted OK.

I felt incredibly productive today, cleaned, cooked, walked the dog etc. No massive side effects felt except a dull headache in the evening


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