Day 6 : Tuesday 2nd May

Back to work. Be strong be strong be strong. Don’t cry in front of a class (my biggest fear).The problem with being a teacher is that this feels so public. I’m spottier than usual and a bit scatty. If I cry the class will see. They will probably make me cry! Ok, don’t project, it will probably be OK and focusing on the worst case scenario is never good.

Morning smoothie made the night before on my productive day: coconut milk, blueberries, spinach, kale, chia seeds, apple. Looked like a grey sludge but tasted OK. I’m looking forward to the IVF diet book to arrive so I can IVF better.

My eyes feel heavy and, thinking about it now, this has been happening for a few days. Also, a very achy back.

I wanted to eat a biscuit at work so I ate an apple instead. Then ate the biscuit anyway! I’m so crap at dieting.

One of my students made a film called The Secret and when they saved it on the hard drive they called it The Secret Opening and I laughed a lot and then got a hot flush. 

The day has been good. I’ve been a bit scatty but a few people checked in on me and this made me very appreciative of the people around me. The tube home isn’t too bad and I have a seat. 

So far everything is survivable. I don’t want to speak too soon but this is all OK.


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