Day 7 : Wednesday 3rd May

Last night wasn’t the best nights sleep ever. Night sweats kept me awake. When I did sleep I had weird dreams but so did OH so that might not be the pills!

I had a training course today so there was a lot of sitting around and there was a worry about he deep vein thrombosis mentioned in the leaflet. I got up, walked about when I could and drink some water. Again, an explanation to the people running the training meant I could walk out the room without offending them. I’m strongly believing in telling some people about what is happening, not everyone just those people who can help support me.

I had to do a presentation and I didn’t cry or anything! Felt tired and restless and a dull headache is starting now but generally, again, the side effects are not too bad. I did eat too many biscuits.

The tube journey home was a bit of a mission, my legs went all achy and I gave up my seat to stand. When I got home I was an hour late with the pills. The forum had loads of posts on this so I didn’t panic too much.

The IVF Diet book is here and it doesn’t have pictures. Probably because all the smoothies look like crap. I hate it when a cook book doesn’t have pictures. I haven’t read it all yet, it isn’t the kind of book you can read on the tube!


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