Day 8 : Thursday 4th May

I’m still getting broken sleep and vivid dreams. I’m sure I read that as you get older you need less sleep and if the Progynova is causing menopausal symptoms that does seem to make sense.

All day I’ve been a bit breathless but I’m good spirits. One of those vitamin C orange drink tablets re-energised me about 3:00. I’ve been a bit scatty so my workload is piling up a fair bit.

A bit of cramping on the way home. A friend gave me an IVF survival kit with face masks, bubble bath and other wonderful things. It has a heatable scotty dog which I’m looking forward to cuddling up with when I get home.

The drugs arrived and I made OH send me a pic so I can prepare myself (and put it on the blog on the way home!).

Scary huh! So many packs of needles! That is the most daunting part, the injections. Another friend was telling me that her colleague said they liked the injections, it gave them a sense of control. This made me feel infinitly better!

This is why it is important to talk to people around you about what is going on. My support network is excellent, I get messages checking on me. It reminds me how lucky I am, people care and I want to let them care. I’d be quite upset if my friend was going through something this big but didn’t tell me about it. Why block off love and support?

(I’m home)

Look at the size of these needles!!!!

Bloody hell! That took me back a bit. I’ve been convincing myself it will be like an epipen. Wowzers!

On the plus side the refrigerated drugs came with some really good cold packs. Yup, looking on the bright side. 

Also, I wasn’t sure if I was going to share, but for full disclosure and for anyone going through this who needs honesty, that orange vitamin drink is coming out of my butt. Water retention, Progynova, dangerous wind and too much faith in a parp means I am a pair of knickers down.

This is anonymous right?

OH made me a herbal tea and didn’t laugh in my face, which was nice!


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