Day 9 : Friday 5th May

I would have slept better if the dog hadn’t of been barking at half twelve last night. What is wrong with him!

I’ve had a look at some fertility apps, I downloaded two last night


Fertility View

Last night I tried a visualisation from the SIMS one. I know I need to reduce my stress and most people on the forum are doing acupuncture. I fell asleep before it started describing my “safe place”.

I had a look at Fertility View and I’ve decided it is too American. It doesn’t have Progynova and wouldn’t let me personalise the days I was taking it for. I think it is set to American health procedures so doesn’t fit for me.

Today is the prom so I won’t be home until midnight (at least). Let’s see how I last!

My stomach is not as bad as yesterday (thank God).


It is 1:00 and I’ve just got in! My feet hurt because I danced a fair bit but this not drinking malarkey was not too bad. I feel quite energised. I had to take the pills with me which was OK. It looked like I was taking pain killers or something (but four of them, like a pill popper). 

Keeping away from the dessert buffet was hard! 
I still have a fair amount of wind! I used the disabled loos all night to save embarrassment. I said it was the kind of dress you had to take of for the loo. I’d bought a dress about 2 sizes too big because I felt I’d be so bloated. A tight, big belt made it look less like a sack. I wasn’t as bloated as I thought but a big, comfy dress was a welcome thing by the end of the evening.

No hangover tomorrow! Wooooooo. Not like those students… they will be suffering .


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