Day 11 : Sunday 7th May

My lie in has been more successful so far. OH and I have dubbed today “Stress-Free-Sunday”. I have to at least try and match all the forum ladies and their acupuncture.

I am at 11 days and the nurses said you might expect bleeding after 10. I assume this is because the hormones have really kicked in. Nothing like that yet but I’m having night sweats now regularly, also very weird, vivid dreams. I also wake with a small nearly flat (who am I kidding) stomach but by the end of the day it is a round ball.


I can list more side effects now I’m thinking about it. Wind. Soft poop. (They don’t go well together). Crying. A dull headache in the evenings. Spots.

As more make themselves clear I’ll let you know. 

Today has been a very positive day. I’ve been making cakes and it is great practise in mindfulness. They are not amazing, I’m not a natural baker, but it is more about the process than anything else.


My cakes taste like soap


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