Day 16 : Friday 12th May

I slept very well. Having a heat on my cramps is the only way they really calm down. I slept on the sofa with the dog then got helped upstairs by OH when they got in from the night shift. I slept like a log! Yesterday was a day without hormones so I think my body took the chance when it could.

Still fairly vivid dreams. I was in a pub with friends and family and they were all too drunk to remember me. They left without me!

Today we have a counselling session, I think it is our last one. I wish it wasn’t, they have been such a great help. I’m really glad the NHS fund for this.

Then tonight is the first injection… I am NOT going to think about it all day. I am NOT going to build it up in my mind. It won’t be a big thing if I don’t make it a big thing.


I’m leaving our counselling session with a big smile, she was asking how we were using what we talked about in counselling and we could both list loads of positives. It also isn’t our last session, we get 6 and this was our third. I’m glad it is continuing but her next available spot is the end of June! Hopefully we will go back with some positive news.

We talked about not believing everything on the forums, she said there have been no studies that say stress will effect the IVF success rates. I definitely shouldn’t be stressing about stress!

We also talked about some people on the forums saying “if this doesn’t work I haven’t fulfilled my purpose”. This isn’t how either of us feel at all. We know we are incredibly lucky to have access to this treatment but there is a 30% chance it will work. If it doesn’t we can foster or adopt and we will still be a family. If THAT doesn’t work I will be a smother-y auntie to all my friends’ and family’s  children and get a lot of animals. It doesn’t make me less of a person, I am still me, I was before this process and I will be afterwards.


Guess who just injected her leg!!! It wasn’t too bad. I distracted myself with Neighbours and cooled the area with a tub of Oreo ice cream (which I’m now going to eat).

For anyone worrying (like I was) about the injections, these ones are not too bad. I know there are bigger ones on the way but this one is owned by me! Wooooo, go me!


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