Day 17 : Saturday 13th May

I slept very well again last night and had a bit of a lie in!

I read through the Gonal injection side effects out loud again to OH, these ones seem to add vomiting to the headaches, dizziness etc. I’m happy not to be so windy! That was a bit much. So now we are hyper stimulating egg production, intensive farming. I’m about to have a bath, hopefully I won’t poach those eggs!

The counsellor telling me not to stress about stress has been a weight off, yesterday was a bit manic and it is good not to feel guilty about that. Obviously when we implant any embryo (if we get that far) I’ll take it a bit easier.


I asked OH to do the injection this evening, partly so they would feel involved and partly so I could see if it felt any difference. They pinched the skin harder than me! That hurt more than the injection! Afterwards they said “you are amazing you know” so it was worth letting them have a go!

This morning it looked like my bleeding had stopped but about an hour after the injection it started right back up again! That is 2 pairs of knickers ruined in this process so far. I hope no one looks down my bins. How embarrassing!


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