Day 26 : Monday 22nd May

I skipped a blog post yesterday. It is my birthday today and we had a party on Saturday. Yesteday was all about the tidy up!

I have a scan this morning to see how everything is progressing!


The scan revealed that there are some eggs (about 6) but they are all a bit small at the moment. When scanning the doctor was calling numbers (“one of 18, two of 5”) which made me think there were loads! He said they are developing but small so we are going to continue with Gonal F and scan again on Friday. He showed me the scan monitor, it is so interesting to see all the eggs. God knows the amount of training to get to read these things! This was a different doctor who used more lubrication than the others so I’m a little bit slidey standing on the tube.

You always see a nurse afterwards and she took my blood and ordered more Gonal. I had a choice to pick it up now or later today. I chose later to get out of work earlier! It is my birthday! I didn’t really want to keep it in the fridge at work.

I’ll get a call later to see if I need more Gonal but the nurse said it seems likely.

The operation is looking like it is going to be over half term, which is probably a blessing in disguise. 

I’m trying to work out how I feel, it isn’t bad news, there are eggs, I like to do things right though so feel like I’m being difficult! What happens to these eggs? Do they go stale? Will they get too big? Will more develop?

I’m going to be protein rich with my diet and have more acupuncture on Thursday and we will see how it goes. Homerton are experts, they know what they are doing.


The nurse phoned and, as expected, we are upping Gonal F to 300 units. I have to pick up more on the way home.

It is a hot day, I’m a bit worried about keeping the Gonal F cool on the tube. The nurse said it would be fine as long as it doesn’t get over 20 degrees. It is 24 outside and I’m sure it is hotter on the tube. I have it in a plastic bag and wrapped in my coat for insulation but it is still not particularly cool. I may be over worrying about this. I’m sure it won’t explode or anything. 


I googled it all and the forums say you can keep Gonal F at room temperature. It was hotter than that on the tube but just because I was above 20 degrees doesn’t mean the boxes were. 


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