Day 27 : Tuesday 23rd May

My OH forgot to do something at work so woke at 12 am a panic. I am now VERY tired. For the first time I’m thinking about calling in sick using the IVF as an excuse. I know I won’t, I just want to.

I accidentally pricked myself in the finger with the injecting needle this morning! That hurt MUCH more than the injection in the stomach!


I went out with my cousin for a meal and proved the hormones made me hungry by stuffing my face! I’m so full right now.

A little FB stalk before bed and I see a school friend has posted that “after a long wait” she is pregnant with twins. I’m now guessing she was ivfing too. Some people on the forums get very funny about this, envious (angrily envious) about people announcing they are pregnant.

I am envious but happy too, babies should always be greeted with happiness. I know only too well what little miracles they are!


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