Day 30 : Friday 26th May

The scan is at 8:40 and OH is with me for this one. I still have mild cramping (nothing as bad as a period pain) in my lower abdomen. Fingers crossed there are loads of healthy sized eggs in there!

Today may be my last Cetrotide injection… woop!


Phew! I’m going to information dump now. We went for the scan and OH got to look at the screen. She said “no wonder you are having abdominal pressure, the left side has some big eggs”. The problem is all the eggs are different sizes, so there are 3 big ones (18mm) about 7 medium ones, which aren’t a perfect size, and about 8 ones which are all too small. This is on the left ovary  which has quite easy access.

The right ovary does not have such easy access, it is hiding behind the womb. It also doesn’t have as many eggs on it (about 5) and they are all pretty small. She said she made get be able to move it to a more accessible place when she operates but she said she isn’t as hopeful about that side.

So, the egg harvest will be Monday. She doesn’t want to wait for the others to grow because then the 3 good ones might get too big and be unusable. The medium ones still have a chance to get big enough to use.

We then went to see the nurse, who is one of the friendliest people you’ve ever met in your life, who went through the procedure. We have Gonal as normal tonight then Gonal and Cetrotide in the evening tomorrow. I can eat big meals up to midnight on Sunday but then nil by mouth from then on. 

We have a trigger injection on Saturday night, Esther will call and let us know the time. I have to go back later to pick up the trigger injection and another Gonal F pen. 

I have to take a dressing gown and slippers and arrive at 7.30 on Monday morning. Better check the trains! Bank Holiday trains! The letter also says something about anal antibiotics which I’m ignoring for now… if that is the worst bit then that isn’t bad. As long as I don’t have to administer them myself at home! That would take me and OH to a whole new level of our relationship.

Once again, everyone at Homerton have been amazing! They are all so friendly, coherent and supportive. I’m also getting quite egg-cited!


I got out of work early to go and pick up the Gonal F and Trigger injection. It is 27degrees outside so I stopped at a Costcutter to find a cold bag and something to keep it all cool on the tube. 

So I’m going to have to eat ice cream later. What a shame!


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