Day 31 : Saturday 27th May

It is the first day of half term and my Cetrotide injection has been moved to the evening so I have a real chance to lie in.

Naturally this means I’m wide awake at 4:30am. I’m not in major discomfort or anything, I’m just fully awake.

My eggs are still making my stomach feel like it has some big rocks in it but I think this is making me physically slow down. One blogger said they couldn’t walk very far the last few days before collection. I don’t want to scramble my eggs so I’m going to take it easy these last two days. 


My ovaries are making me feel uncomfortable. I took the dog for a walk and felt like I was walking crotch first!


I’m just about to do the trigger injection, Ovitrelle. I’m quite excited! It is 11:00pm and this is my last injection! Let’s get this eggstravaganza on the way!


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