EC: day 4: Thursday 1st June

We are just waiting to hear from the nurses on the progress of our little eggies. 

I have acupuncture today with someone new.

I also have a nice bruise from the cannula 


So, acupuncture felt different to my other sessions, probably because I am not coming straight from work and having to get the tube home afterwards. I am going to try and use this lady again, I fell asleep I was so relaxed and I don’t feel as much pressure around my ovaries now.

I got a call from the embryologist too. Of our 5 eggs 2 are good enough to freeze so they have made their chilly journey to the freezer. She said the other three are developing slowly, good ones are 8 cells and these ones are 4 cells. They will wait and see but if we don’t hear anything then they have not gone to be frozen.

She confirmed that this means we are having Frozen embryo transfer which is often more successful because the woman has time to prepare her body. 

Putting my faith into two 8 celled little things is daunting. There is still so many other times this could be stopped, in thawing, in transplant, in attachment and in the 9 month pregnancy. But, each step is a tiny time passed, one more obsticle faced and passed. 


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