EC Day 14 : Sunday 11th June

I know that didn’t last long!

So, I’ve started my period. This cycle is important for the hormones to leave my body. I’ll call the fertility clinic on Monday and let them know.

Something else interesting about IVF is the caution with hospitals. I fell over yesterday and sprained my ankle and grazed my knee. I called NHS direct just to see what they thought about bothering with an X-ray and as soon as I said I’d been on IVF the standard questions stopped and they told me to go to A&E. I need a tetanus just in case. They need to be careful because of the increased risk of blood clotting.

So, don’t do silly things like run for the bus in heels.

I’m in the waiting room now and this is when my period decides to come! The little git. I’m underprepared!


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