EC Day 15 : Monday 12th June

This post is going to be a bit graphic about periods.

Overnight I had a very heavy flow, using a heavy duty night time pad it filled it. The Cyclogest I’m on thickens the womb lining and you could see this.

I know this sounds like an exaggeration but this is honestly what has happened. After the heavy bleed I weighed myself. I’ve lost 3 lb! 

Because it had already started at the hospital I used pads yesterday but usually (and now) I use a moon cup. This comes highly recommended! It takes some time to trust it will work, and the first time I had to take it out I thought I’d be stuck with it forever. When you get used to it though it is brilliant for getting to know your flow. As well as saving the environment!

I started using one because I was getting questions from the docs about the clot sizes in my bleed. The moon cup means you can see exactly what is coming out of you.


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