EC: Day ? : Friday 30th June

We had a follow up appointment at the doctors today. It turns out I shouldn’t have been taking the suppositories all this time! I think it might work in my favour though as now I am going to stop them I’ll probably start my period and then we can start the next phase! Exciting!

So on the first day of my next period I have to call the nurses and they will order my drugs. 

Three weeks after this I inject myself with suprecur once a day. This keeps the womb lining thin. Two weeks later we have a scan and then I start progynova again. These thicken the lining (and if I remember made me tearful). A few more scans and some more suppositories and we have embryo transfer!

Another exciting piece of news is that they are recommending both embryos go in at once! One is quite strong while the other is not as strong. They said the best chance of pregnancy is if they put in both.

We had to sign a consent form as there are higher risks during pregnancy of diabetes and other complications. The babies would be quite small (if they both take). The not so strong one isn’t looking too good so I won’t start planning for twins just yet!

We get 3 rounds and this means we are allowed 3 transfers. This means we are getting two for the price of one! Not bad.


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