Thursday 20th July : update

So, what I thought was my period was a bit weak and pathetic. I waited for the blood but it was only that manky brown spotting that you get. So I didn’t call the nurses and just waited. 

I had acupuncture the following week and mentioned how the period hadn’t come and my lady said it was just lining because I’d stopped the progesterone. Another little bit of spotting after acupuncture but still no full fledged period.

Now I’m on day 40 of my cycle and I’m thinking maybe I should have contacted the nurses? Maybe that was my period? Maybe I’m going to have to wait a bit longer for implantation?

I’ve been googling ways to promote your period and tried eating pineapple, heavy lifting, warm baths and wearing white underwear. Still nothing!

I knew I was pushing the lucky stakes when I thought I could get it all done before returning to work! 

I should have called the nurses at the first signs and explained what happened. Want any advice? Best to call the professionals!


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