Monday 14th August

Still no blood! I think I need to speak to a nurse and see what they say.


I was foolish to wish this period on. The first meeting back and I felt it arrive and the cramping started. I was quite lucky (!) that the horrendous pain I am in now didn’t happen while at work! 

I’ve cried to OH since coming home so they’re walking the dog while I cry with a hot water bottle on my throbbing womb.

The nurses have already called back to say they’ll be in contact soon. The first thing is a scan in 21 days time to make sure there are no cysts developed or anything like that.

For now I’m going to be feeling very sorry for myself.


I’m having a rather crap day! I had a hot water bottle on my stomach and it split open pouring scolding water over me!

This day can do one.


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