Sunday 3rd September : The day before we start again

I had acupuncture today and said I was starting Suprecur tomorrow. She knows more than I did! This is a down regulator.

Full of guilt for being too laid back about the next course I came back and read the leaflet with Suprecur. So this will reduce my sex hormones, basically making me menopausal again, for three weeks, then Progynova will start it again.

Last time the menopausal bit was harder than the other bits so I think I need to make myself more game ready. I’m not as prepared as last time and had wine and gin last night (as well as an amazing meal for a hen night). I’m not drinking smoothies or detoxing and so now feel a bit daunted by what is to come.

This coincides with the start of term too so that sucks! I have done it before so I know I can do it again. Other women before me have done this (and worse) so I know it is achievable. 

I’m ignoring the massive list of side effects so I can concentrate on how it is effecting me. I don’t want to second guess every small symptom. 

Here goes…..


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