Thursday 7th September : lead up to embryo transfer

Still injecting!

One of my friends was trying to get me to go out on Saturday. I kept making my excuses and he wouldn’t take the hint! In the end I just said: “look, I know it looks like I am fobbing you off, but I just don’t know how I’m going to be feeling with these hormones”.

This is partly true and I know I’m not using IVF as an excuse, but, I’d rather be with people I don’t have to make a big effort with. Does that sound strange? Or mean? This guy is lovely and everything but he isn’t a sit-on-the-sofa-chilling kind of friend. I want to be able to wear PJs and sleep in the day and not bother with make up. 

I’m still glad he knows about the IVF and I am a big believer in talking to EVERYONE about it. Why should I be ashamed? Most people want to know the process and ask good questions. There is so much misunderstanding about IVF and that won’t go away without people talking about it. 

My friend was understanding and the great thing is I know that if, on Saturday, I feel a bit more active, I can easily tag along with him and he’ll be accepting. I guess I just want to put me (and me being lazy) first.


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