Thursday 14th September 2017 : lead up to embryo transfer

On the tube home I was offering an older man my seat and he said “no you go ahead, you’ve had a heavy day”. I don’t know if it is the bags under my eyes or the yawning but I am grateful to him. Even if I did feel bad: he was about 70! He does have a very cool Elmo canvas bag.

Tomorrow is the procedure where they take a look before hand to see the lie of the land. I’m more excited about finishing early! I may have exaggerated the extent of the recovery time. I’ve been told I need a full bladder so I cannot be under sedation… I think it will be like the tube test but without the X-ray fluid. We will find out tomorrow. They have to get through the cervix so I know it will probably be a bit painful. I’ll let you all know!


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