Friday 15th September 2017: lead up to embryo transfer

So I’ve just had a mock embryo transfer. I get this as I am a part of a trial. Apparently people on private healthcare get these mock transfers and the NHS want to do a study to see if it makes any difference to success rates.

I have to admit, I’m glad I had it. It means I understand the process better and got to see the room and the equipment involved in advance.

Firstly, you go into a room and strip from the waist. You have a flattering, open backed gown to put on. Then you go into the adjoining room when the doc is waiting. My doc wasn’t there yet and the lights weren’t on so I scrabbled around a bit to the second door to turn on the lights!

The doctor then puts all the instruments in front of you as they take them from the sterile packaging. The funkiest was a purple set of scissor like clamps that looked like something from a toy box.

You lie down with your legs in some stirrups and everyone peers at your bits. It feels a lot like a smear test but more pokey aroundy. A catheter is used to open your cervix. This wasn’t as painful as the tube test. Because I ask to many questions the doctor explained it is because the tube test fills you with a lot of fluid which they don’t do during embryo transfer.

I got a bit told off because they asked for a full bladder and mine wasn’t full enough. The doctor’s actual words were “how much did you drink, like, half a litre?”. It is a good job I did the mock transfer then so I can get it right next time! When my best friend had her pregnancy scan she told me about how massive her bladder was on the pictures and how hard it is to hold it all in when someone is prodding around your belly.

While all of this is going on there is a lava like projection on the ceiling, I guess it is designed to relax you. It did distract me that is true.

It didn’t hurt very much at the time but I do have period like pains now. Not as bad as I thought it would be at all though. The person who writes the letters to prove you have been there was on lunch so I’m in a cafe with a ham toastie and a lemonade. I’m looking forward to a night in.

In conclusion, even if it doesn’t effect success rates I am glad I did it. I now know what to expect from transfer and I feel more comfortable with it all. It is worth the dull aching womb now.


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