Tuesday 19th September : lead up to embryo transfer

I had a migraine last night which made my vision blurry. I couldn’t concentrate to do the injection prep so OH had to do it for me. I think it was following a particularly busy day at work and I probably didn’t drink enough water and I didn’t have much sleep. Because of the hormones I got a bit hysterical and had trouble calming down. I get breathless and it felt like I couldn’t breath.

OH particularly brilliant! They nipped to the shops and bought some paracetamol (NOT ibuprofen as it has been linked with miscarriage) and soothingly stroked my arm until I’d calmed down.

So 7.30 bedtime meant I’ve had a lot of sleep and I’m ready to tackle today (with paracetamol in my bag)! It is a waste of an evening but there is not a lot I can do about that now. Today I’ll drink more water and be more zen.


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