Monday 25th September: lead up to embryo transfer

Yesterday I went on a bit of a mission. I can only describe it as nesting. I had a massive sense of home and wanting to make my home clean and nice. I mowed the lawn, cleaned, cooked, sorted out finances! This really energised me.

This sense of self worth has been counteracted by a cold sore forming over the course of the weekend. I thought it was a spot on Friday but it is getting clearer and clearer that it is a cold sore. I looked up the causes (as I don’t usually get them) and it includes hormonal fluctuations (big yep), stress (a little) and low immunity. Everyone at work is complaining of feeling ill and I have been tired. Cold sores are just so public! We have a parents evening on Wednesday too. I also don’t like the herpes virus connotations.

The plan is to find some cold sore specific cream, raise my immunity and maybe take a day off this week to rest. The scan is on Thursday so let’s see how all that goes.


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