Thursday 28th September: lead up to transfer

I took today off and slept for most of the morning. I’ve worn myself out!

The scan went well. She showed me the screen which I always like, I saw the womb and the “still” ovaries. Everything is slowed down and resting at the moment. Tonight I start Progynova again alongside the Suprecur (with a lesser dose, thank God) to thicken the womb lining.

We are going to a wedding in Ireland around transfer date and she said if we just let them know we can rearrange transfer! I’m going to try and thicken my lining up so much it will be done beforehand. I’m sure a wedding and holiday in Ireland is a nice relaxing thing to do to ensure implantation. The camper van prone to break down isn’t so relaxing though.

I’m still very tired, I think it is the heightened emotions and outpouring of sadness. This is mixed with a sense of relief that the process is moving on, which is such a mix of feelings.


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