Monday 2nd October : lead up to embryo transfer

The weekend was a massive mix of emotions! On Friday I visited friends and had a lovely time. It is VERY noticeable when people are drunk and you are not drinking!

I went to a wedding in Saturday which was a dry wedding. I also drove so there were many excuses at the ready for people asking about why I wasn’t drinking. In a rush to leave the house I forgot to do the injection and take the pills! At about 10:00 I realised and told OH. We stayed on for another hour then made our excuses. The thing is, it wasn’t until I was tucked up in bed that I remembered again! So the hormones were 5 hours later than usual.

Reading the info leaflet it says if you forget take it as soon as you remember. Unless it is very close to the next dosage, you shouldn’t double up.

On Sunday, I felt incredibly irritable. I had acupuncture which always makes me tired but I didn’t sleep afterwards, I just kept going, getting frustrated with every little thing. It wasn’t until the evening when I started to feel better and apologised to OH, who had beared up well!

Another week until the first scan, so one more week of trying to thicken that womb lining. I’m sure I should be eating ice cream, wedding cake and hot chocolate. But I am. So there.

I don’t think I’m IVFing as well as I did on the lead up to egg collection. I haven’t given up as such, I’m just not looking after myself as best I can. One week to improve!


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