Tuesday 10th October : lead up to embryo transfer

We went out for a meal last night as it was our 7 year anniversary (of our first date) and because of the happy IVF news. We started talking names, which I know is a dangerous game. We have some quite different ideas about good names…..

He said to name a girl after our grandmothers: Connie Phyllis… it sounds like coniferous. Phyllis just isn’t a name going around any more! People used to call my nan Phyl which I quite like for its gender neutrality.

We also talked about putting only one in. It sounds a bit funny but these little embryos have been through it together, it seems strange keeping one in the freezer for a few years. They were “conceived” at the same time. OH did an impression of a chilly, waiting baby at the restaurant table which attracted some funny looks from other diners!


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