Monday 9th October : lead up to embryo transfer

I’m on the train to work following our scan. Apparently the womb lining should be over 6mm and mine is 6.2. Get in! She also said “it all looks beautiful” which obviously made me happy.

I said I’ve been feeling a pressure like before having a period and she said that is totally normal.

So…… embryo transfer next week! I keep smiling and the nurses were smiling and the doctor was smiling and OH was smiling! She double checked that we wanted two in at once and we said to go for it.

So, Suprecur stops on the 15th and cyclogest starts. I love the cyclogest! It made me feel great. I’m on double the dosage from last time too. I also get two days off work on the last days before half term! Whoop woop!

It is hard to be realistic as there are still many many hurdles. We’ve jumped a big hurdle though! Hurray! I’m going to enjoy this feeling while it is here!


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