Thursday 19th October : from embryo transfer

So it has happened! We went into a room and I put on a gown. I really needed a wee. They go through some paperwork and then you lie back and try to relax without weeing directly into the doctors face. The embryos were all good and you can see everything on screen.

The catheter went in well, the nurse seemed quite surprised. She said that is usually the hardest bit. The embryos are in a fluid that shows on the ultrasound so you can see them:

You can see that little white smudge floating in space. That is our two embryos!

So, afterwards I got a bit teary! They all say good luck and you are on your way. It is such an amazing thing to be able to see your potential babies being placed in your womb. If this works, this photo is the first photo of our children!

At the moment I’m having a lovely lunch with OH and then I’m off to acupuncture.

The next week I cannot have baths or swim or submerge myself in water. I keep taking the Progynova and Cyclogest. Then in two weeks we come in for a test!

Fingers crossed!!!!!


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