Tuesday 24th October: from embryo transfer

So it has been 5 days and there has been a bit of cramping, especially on day 1, but no spotting. This can be good news or bad news! Most signs could mean yes or no so there is no point in reading into anything.

At a wedding on Saturday I cried immediately as the couple entered the room! Emotions are high. I felt very irritable last night and felt annoyed at small things. For example OH asked me to remind them to do something tomorrow and I went off on one, saying I had too much of my own stuff to remember and that they need to stop dumping their organisation on me. I know it is a fair point but it could have been made with a nice chat about using the phone calendar rather than with hysterical weeping.

Keeping to pregnancy food sucks a bit. I really want some runny eggs and there is deli ham everywhere! OH bought some black pudding…. that was easy to avoid. Caffeine is a hard one, caffeine free tea just isn’t the same. There is booze everywhere! The day after the wedding we all went for a meal and everyone had Bloody Marys. I had a virgin one. That is NOT the same.

I also miss lifting things! Waiting for OH for any heavy object moving is making me feel weak. We went for a walk yesterday and I worried it was too long as I had mild cramping. This could be our embryos attaching though!

Fingers crossed


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