Thursday 2 November : from embryo transfer

So the blood test this morning confirms the pregnancy!!!! Had a cry at work. Told my friend and cried. Had to sit in a toilet crying so no one saw.

I’ve kind of ruined my high though. My boss took me to a coffee shop to celebrate and I got a fennel and mint tea.

Then googled fennel on the way home. Apparently people used to drink it to induce periods and in “medical quantities” (whatever that is) it can cause miscarriage. Panicked I’d killed my babies before they had a chance I text my friend who calmed some nerves. Many women don’t know they are pregnant and drink at this stage, or smoke, or eat Pate it a number of other things! I fell into the google trap!

Then there was some spotting at home. Not much it is true but enough to kill my buzz. More googling reveals that spotting is normal still at this stage. I did an emergency calm meditation as I don’t want to be an anxious, hypochondriac, pregnant lady. But I do want these little guys to survive.

I cannot be doing this for 9 months! Time to read up on pregnancy. Maybe it is time for another blog?


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