Day 21 : Wednesday 17th May

We have a scan this morning to see how thinks are moving along. I got asked to bring the Cetrotide packet with me so I can inject myself. This is the more scary looking injection.

Unfortunately OH cannot make it to this scan (boss/ job sucks). Last time they were sitting around and the docs did say they didn’t have to. It would be nice though for me. I think OH feels guilty too and that is the last thing I want.


I’m on my way to work following a scan to see how the follicles are developing. You get scanned by the doctors then see the nurse afterwards about the drugs.

The doctors showed me the scan image, which is really interesting. You can see the follicles on each ovary developing. He said there were many small follicles, we expect them to be quite small at this stage. The left ovary is quite close to the vaginial opening so will be easy to access during egg collection. My right ovary is hidden behind the uterus so may be a bit more difficult. He said as it gets bigger as the eggs develop it might move to the side and be easier to access.

The nurse went over it as well, saying the follicles are quite small but as it has only been 6 days on Gonal F it is to be expected that they are small. The Gonal F helps the follicles to develop in multiple amounts and now the Cetrotide will stop me from ovulating. So I’ll be developing eggs but they won’t be released.

She showed me how to inject in my stomach. The big needle in the set is only for mixing it up, which made me feel much better! The needle is about the same size as the Gonal F one. She did it for me today (because I’m chicken) but tomorrow morning I’ll have to do it myself. The Cetrotide often reacts to the skin so you get itching like a mosquito bite. I can feel it itching now.

She also took some blood to test how the hormones are reacting in my body. If I need to increase Gonal F dosage I’ll get a call today, if I get no call I continue with 150.

I kept the Cetrotide leaflet to read up on the side effects. The next appointment is Monday at 9. I mentioned to the receptionist that it was my birthday on Monday and she joked that I should bring in cakes. The doctor said “I like treating you, you are always smiling” and I said “that is because I’m lucky to have access to all this”. Homerton have been so supportive, you can feel the professionalism oozing from the building.


The nurse phoned up and said the docs reviewed my bloods and want me to up my Gonal F dosage to 225. I think this is all normal so I’m not too worried. Some women on the forum are injecting themselves three times a day with Gonal. I read the leaflet for the Cetrotide and the side effects are not that extreme, the same as Gonal. It seems the Progynova were the most extreme reactions. I don’t want to speak too soon though in case upping the dosage brings on tufts of chest hair!


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