Saturday 28th October : from embryo transfer

There is a fair bit of cramping. It is like the cramping before a period rather than the cramping during a period. I really don’t want to start my period!!!

It could be the embryos digging their way in. This is absolutely what we want. Like they are burying themselves into my body (like some kind of symbiotic alien). Come on symbiotic aliens!!!! Dig dig dig


There was some bleeding today to go with the cramping. It started but then stopped. I’m hoping it is bleeding that goes with the embryos embedding but it does feel like a period. I guess it is a waiting game now to see if there is any more blood later today.


So I am not bleeding heavily, in fact, I’ve had no other signs of blood. This means it could have been implantation bleeding! I’m getting cramping again on one side of my body, I’m a bit worried as it feels similar to the ovulation pains before egg collection. I guess it could be the hormones telling my ovaries to stop producing. If it gets worse I’ll get myself checked out as it could be ectopic implantation which happens quite a lot for IVF patients (according to google).


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