Update: 30 weeks pregnant

What a journey! So it has been 30 weeks and I’m starting to feel the pressure now. So far I have really been enjoying my pregnancy. I’ve been incredibly lucky and not had sickness or pains at all really. It is only the last few days my bump has started to hurt.

At the beginning there were some horrible scares where I was bleeding and had to go to the Early Pregnancy Unit, once by the paramedics. Every time they’d scan the babies and they’d be swimming around as if nothing was wrong!

I’ve been speaking to friends who also went through the IVF process and they’re pregnancies are not as much fun as mine.

IVF pregnancy women do seems to approach it differently to non-IVF mums. Just reading through forums and speaking to the 5 other women at work who are pregnant (! I think my hormones rubbed off on them) you do notice a difference. There is “the fear”. You spend such a long time expecting the worst but hoping for the best. There is always “the fear” that you will lose the babies somehow. I think you get such low chances of it working, you take those percentages through with you.

This does make it harder to bond, I don’t want to find out the gender or name the babies because it will make them a real person who I could potentially lose. It is that self-protection mechanism.

You also appreciate EVERYTHING. When they are moving around at night and keeping me awake I’m thinking : “Thank God they’re there moving” whereas people on forums are not as happy about being kept awake!

I did start a Howipregger’d blog but that didn’t last long! It does tire you out this pregnancy malarkey! I’ve included a video of some kicks just to prove that IVF can work and there is proof.

Hopefully, my next post will be announcing a successful birth. Keep your fingers crossed.


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