Day 12 : Monday 8th May

More vivid dreams! It means I’m waking quite tired. My friend said many of the side effects are similar to how it feels when your pregnant. She said to get ready for orgasm dreams! I’m ready! Now please… please?

I’m going to try and sort out some relaxation things today. I found a place near my home which can give me a massage and someone near my work who is a fertility expert acupuncturist. I’m giving these forum ladies a run for their money!

Talking money, this is getting expensive! I know I’m saving on not buying wine but I never drunk that much! Also, I always see pregnancy massage on the list and don’t know if that is what I should do. Is there some oils they shouldn’t be using? Maybe I should ask the forum.


I got a massage after work today, my boss let me leave early for it. There were some stressed out students and I kept getting breathless trying to deal with it. The massage was great! I could feel all the knots being pushed out. I told her about the IVF and she was pretty clued up, she stayed away from the legs and lower back. This was also good because I was a bit worried about all this wind being squeezed out! I seem to be able to relax my body but not so much my mind.

I went back on the forum at home and someone was talking about scratching. What the hell is that! Everyone commenting seemed to know so I looked it up. Apparently, the cycle before IVF you have something like a smear test to scratch the uterus. This makes the lining go into some kind of overdrive to repair itself and makes implantation more likely. Not available on the NHS first time, many are paying for it up to £350! That is a lot of massages. I’m sure I could get OH to have a go for free!

One of my friends told me about a sweep some people need during labour when the midwife basically shoves their fingers up there and does a circuit. Glam huh! Kind of like my early pathetic teenage relationships. They’ve been getting advice from inexperienced teenagers.


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